November 7, 2010
By Anonymous

“Ring, ring”
“Ya, sure be over in an hour”

“Ok, bye”

…It was over two years ago; my friend Shyla had invited me to her birthday party. What happened there I will never forget…

As I promised an hour later I was at Shyla’s front door step.
“Hey, Sam how are you?”
“I’m doing good Ms. Hilkin.”
“Good, Shyla will be down in just a minute in the mean time come in.”
“Thanks,” I say as I walk inside.

As soon I get in Shyla arrives, and shows me where to put my stuff. I ask her who else is coming.
“Tristain and Maddi R,” she tells me.
“Ok,” I reply even though I have no idea who Tristain is, or if it’s a guy or a girl.
While we wait for them, we go on You Tube and play Laddy Ga Ga so loud it fills the whole neighborhood. Ten minutes later Tristian and Maddi show up and proving, to my relization, Tristain is not a guy.
“Hey guys Tristain this is Sam…Sam, Tristain”
After the greating we go outside because of a dare where I have to sing Mary Had A Little Lamb. Uh, oh I think as I hold in my air in the middle of the song. Waiting until everyone is inside I relaxe, realeasing it. I start to head for the basement where everyone is at. We decide to go onto the next person for truth or dare ….. when I start to feel a rumble. I try to hold it in but it feels like I’m Mt. Helena waiting to erupte.
Nooo, I think while my face starts turning reder than a fire truck.
“Cricket, cricket”
Dead silence follows by the sound of crickets.
I start to feel it build up again…..suddenly everyone starts laughing, so I soon folllow in.

Another one follows which makes everyone laugh like heyennias. When the laughter dies down, and we carry on with the game, I think about the Pepto Bismo song (diaria, indegestion, burning, bloating…) and if it Pepto Bismo works for farts.

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