The Funniest Moment

November 16, 2010
My friend, Kate and I were rushing to dry ourselves with our towels after swim team. We put on our clothes on top of our bathing suits and bolted out of the locker room. We had thought Kate’s mom was here already to pick us up. Kate and I speed walked out of the locker room and started for the stairs.

When Kate said to me, “It’s so funny how you trip all the time over nothing.”

I replied back saying, “I know, I really need smaller shoes and do something about it!”

We were talking about how earlier that day I tripped on flat ground. Next thing I know, I stumbled up the stairs!

I screamed, “Ahhhhhh.” I suddenly felt a rush of pain race to my knee.

I sat on the stairs for a few minutes checking my knee. Then I realized what had happened and started to laugh. Kate was of course laughing too. I had hit my knee on the stairs, so I was sitting there holding my knee, and laughing. The laughing started to go down and I got up from the stairs. We started to walk to the doors to leave, when we saw Kate’s mom wasn’t there to pick us up yet. Kate and I walked over to the lobby chairs and sat for about one minute. We had decided to do something with our time. Both of us walked over to a wall with pictures of the student council of the school. Kate walked over to the glass doors to check if her mom was here. She was.

She looked over at me and called, “Sam, let’s go. My mom’s here.”

I replied, “Ok, coming.”

I was walking over to where Kate was standing. As I was walking, I tripped on flat ground, again. It’s kind of like a fake trip because I never actually fell. I just stumbled over my feet. We both were laughing, again.

I said while laughing, “Ok, I really need to do something about this. Thank goodness no one saw me. That would be so embarrassing!”

It was probably the funniest moment I’ve ever had because I could not stop laughing! Even to this day I still laugh but not as much as before. I remember that moment because Kate was there with me. We have been going to swim team together for almost 5 years now. Kate and I both love swimming so it’s something we have in common. One of the many things that makes us bestfriends! Also, my knee was still hurting ten minutes after the trip! We laughed once more, got into the car and drove off.

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