Super Mom

November 15, 2010
By Anonymous

Every day there is a wonderful woman that somehow wakes up every morning with a smile on her face, like a little kid on Christmas day. Although she has almost nothing to be happy about she still pulls through her everyday life, and does it without any complaint.

She had a really tough childhood, and has some really bad memories of her life. When she was born her mom did not want her at all, so she abandoned her as a child. She was like an unwanted puppy left all alone, just waiting to be adopted. This woman was raised by her father ever since she was about one or two years old. She never had that motherly figure to help guide her through all the tough times in her life. Or someone to talk to, tell all the boys she thought were cute and when she had her first kiss, but somehow she pulled through, like it was just another pebble in the road.

This wonderful intelligent woman worked two jobs almost her whole life, supporting her two kids and herself. She worked hard everyday, unfortunately she worked so hard she missed her children’s young childhood life. She wasn't there when her little girl was first potty trained, and she wasn’t there when her kids got into their first fight, (with each other). Although she had a tough life she was still what seemed like the happiest person in the world, nobody ever knew why she always so happy.

Now she is a grown woman and she is still struggling to this day. She has almost no money to her name and she is still the same hard working intelligent woman she was 10 years ago. She still seems to be one of the most happiest people in the world. One day while we were on our way to visit my grand-father, I asked her, “ Mom, Why are you always so happy?” And what she said to that, are words that will stick with me through the rest of my life, she said, “ I don’t need money to buy me happiness, the only thing that I truly need is to be with my family.” These words are what made me realize that money is not everything, and that there is way more to life than just a pretty face. Money does not buy anyone happiness, money is, just another obstacle in one’s life.

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