She Struggled

November 15, 2010
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“ I don’t want you to be like me when I was young,” my mom said,” I didn’t get to enjoy my childhood or my teen years, first cause I had to be like a slave to your grandma and when I was 16 and ran away with your dad it was the same and I don’t want that for you guys.”

Thank God my mom doesn’t think the same as my grandma or else I would be at home scrubbing floors all day long, but unfortunately that was my mom’s childhood she had to clean the house and take care of her little brothers and her oldest ones too, because according to my grandma it was my mom’s obligation even if my grandma was the one the gave birth to them.

My mom didn’t agree for the way my grandma was using her, and neither did my grandpa but what could they do??? My grandpa worked all day long in the field to provide food to his family and wasn’t home to supervise, and my mom had to listen to my grandma or else she would insult her like she does to me when I am doing something and my mom tells me let me help you.

After a while I think my mom got tired of my grandma , and using the excuse that she loved my dad she ran away with him. But that didn’t really help while my dad came to the U.S.A to get money my mom had to stay at home and take care of her kids and clean the house and do the groceries. I think this time of her life it was one of the hardest part of her life because when my mom ran away with my dad my grandma said my mom was dead for her, after all my mom did for her and she said my mom was dead to her. I think she was just mad cause nobody was going to do everything in the house for her, but now my mom has a family that loves her and even if my grandma said my mom was dead for her my grandpa and my grandma still live in my house and my grandma is trying to teach my mom how to raise her kids but my mom is not taking my grandma’s “advice”.

So my mother went through some rough time but she overcame them all and now she has a great life with people that love her, and we love her cause she is as strong as a heavy door locked with a chain....

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