pulling teeth.

November 14, 2010
By Anonymous

"Why don't we have some people over?" Kim asked me, with a telephone in her hand. "It'll be fun."

"Sure," I replied, excited to include some of my other friends in the mix. "Who?"

"What about Jay and Breann?" she said. I shrugged. I knew them well enough. Kim dialed Jay's phone number. They chatted for a bit and he said he would be over in 10 minutes. Jay lived only a street or two away from Kim. Next, Kim called Breann. They babbled on for a little while, and it was decided that Breann's sister Courtney would come over too. I knew all three of them fairly well.

I knew Kim was a big stoner. She also smoked cigarettes and drank. It wasn't really that big of a problem, I've been exposed to it a lot in the past. I do not smoke or drink. As long as Kim didn't drink or smoke around me, I didn't mind. So when Jay, Breann and Courtney showed up with little plastic baggies filled with marijuana, I was instantly uncomfortable. Kim seemed plenty excited to see the pot. Her and Courtney frantically ran around the house looking for something to smoke it with. They finally brought together some things to make a smoking tool. They got the cardboard roll from inside toilet paper, and cut a small hole on the top. Kim got one of her packs of cigarettes and took the foil off of the inside of the package. She stuffed it into the hole, making a bowl shape. She then got a pin and poked holes in the bowl, and packed it with Courtney's marijuana. Before I knew it, she had lit the marijuana and was smoking away. Everyone went outside and formed a circle. They passed the roll around, everyone taking a turn smoking it. I sat between Jay and Breann. Breann wasn't one for smoking or drinking either, so I was relieved to be with someone like me. But before I knew it, she was taking hits too. Everyone was laughing, and we played music. I started getting a little high myself because there was so much smoke.

When they finished off Courtney's baggie of weed, they moved on to Jay. He had a lot--and it was strong too. It was called Chronic, and it wasn't just plain green marijuana. It had little purple strands, and it was extremely sticky, which meant it was good weed. It smelled amazing, and they passed around the toilet paper roll again. I was extremely high by now, and I stopped feeling guilty because I was just so stoned. I didn't care about anyone or anything anymore. Me and Breann ran inside and started eating and drinking everything in sight. Sure enough, we soon ran out of Jay's weed. Everyone left to go get more, and me and Kim were alone. We were sitting and talking, and I just couldn't stop laughing. "I love you, Kim," I kept saying. Jay, Breann, and Courtney all showed up again, freshly stocked with weed. Everyone smoked some more, but I stayed firm to not smoking. It wasn't like it mattered anyways--I was high as a kite. Courtney and Breann left because there was no more food at Kim's house. Kim went into her room. It was just Jay and I. At first it was kind of awkward, but we soon adjusted to each other. We went inside and were cuddling on Kim's couch. I was laying on Jay, his arms wrapped around me, my head rested on his chest. We were just laughing at everything. I looked up at Jay's face. I looked into his eyes and he had a look--the only way I can describe it is want. We wanted each other. Bad. I leaned in for a kiss--and Kim came out of her room. I nearly leaped off of him. We both laughed, and Kim looked confused, but brushed it off. Me and Jay just gave each other looks. When he had to go home, once again me and Kim were alone. The effects of our highs were starting to wear off. Soon enough, I went home. I felt so immensely guilty--this is what my mom had done at my age, and she grew up to be a tweaker. Many people get feelings of guilt and paranoia after the first time they get high off of marijuana. I was one of them. I wanted to burn my clothes. Instead, I hid them. When my parents left the house, I washed them with extra soap. I took 2 showers. You could say I've learned my lesson--I could have done some things I would regret for the rest of my life that day.

The author's comments:
Last year, I started heading down the wrong path. I hung out with the wrong people. This is just one of the many stories I have from back then.

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