Poker, Science, and my Journal

November 13, 2010
By , Cortlandt Manor, NY
Skip was my best friend. For two weeks in California, he and I would sit every evening after sightseeing, and play poker. Sometimes, my sister would play. Before we started, we would each get a drink. In two beer glasses, one would contain beer, the other would contain water. We would clink the glasses together, signaling the start of the game. Once we started, it was like we were lost in a whole other world. We would fool around and bet whatever chips we could. Within that two week time span, we both tried to perfect our poker faces. My favorite part about playing poker with Skip happened to be that he acted overly excited no matter what his hand. He would get me to smile and burst out laughing every time. I learned that while playing poker with Skip, I couldn't keep a straight face. When I started to laugh, he would start to laugh and it could go on for an hour if we let it. Instead, we each took a deep breath and tried to maintain a poker face.
Though Skip was a very funny person, he was also really smart. He would sit with me and we would talk about science. We wouldn't talk about things like chemistry, we would talk about different dimensions and black holes. Both of us would talk about what things would be like if we lived in different dimensions. Skip was able to help answer the questions I had that nobody else understood. He understood everything about me and loved everything about me.
My favorite thing about Skip was that he loved all my writing. I would write a poem and he would compliment it. He seemed to enjoy everything I wrote about and he helped to boost my confidence. It was probably the best two weeks of my life.
Once back home, Skip and I would video chat on Skype. We talked about school and everything else going on in our lives.
Recently, while sitting in my bedroom, my mom came in and sat me down to talk. She told me Skip had passed suddenly from a heart attack. My best friend was gone. I cried in school for week. I couldn't help myself and I realized something that day. I learned that no matter how old or how young, when you build a strong relationship with someone, it will last forever. No matter what happens, Skip will now be with me in my heart. I can now remember my best friend by playing poker, watching the science channel, and writing in my favorite journal. I love you Skip <3

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2goldenR said...
Nov. 22, 2010 at 7:57 pm
This story is really nice and shows how kind someone can be.
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