November 12, 2010
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I walked in the door wiping the chilly air of fall off my coat. When I walked in I went into the kitchen to say hi to my mom. She always leaves at 3:15 to go pick up my sister. When she left I went into the library as I walked in I saw the computer, TV, many books and trophies from soccer and my mom’s medals. As I walked past the couch onto the rough carpet that poked through your socks and your feet feel like a little itchy balls (Thing that come off the tree that are like little balls with spicks that don’t hurt.) I walk towards the little cabinets that slide and have all of the pictures of my sister and I and other important people in my life. I find a book that says soccer vision 2000/2001. This book is of my parent’s camp and this was when I learned how to play soccer. I took the book and make my way to the couch. I cross my legs and open the book to the first page.

The first picture I see is of my best friend Emma and I. At the time we were playing with Boyd the coach. We had just started camp, we were playing Jake the Snake. We had to catch people by tagging them. There is a little girl behind me running away. We were at TJ elementary school there is and old rusty swing set behind me. There were so many kids aging from 4 – 17, they all looked so big to me. The field was torn up with goose poop and gum that almost everyone would step.

The second picture I look at was just after lunch and I was ready to play again. I had eaten and was full of energy. We got back together with our group. We were playing Jake the snake again! This was my new favorite game, I was caught first so I was with Boyd then we added Emma and many other people. All the other little kids were running away from us trying not to be apart of the snake and not running out of the square.

The third picture I looked at was I was done with my first day at camp I was watching my dad play a scrimmage with the older kids, as I watched him I felt like I had seen him as not just my dad as an amazing soccer player. I walked away and from behind Gary picked me up as I was eating a bagel. Then Boyd came over and held me, my mom grabbed the camera I smiled as big as I could and I was overjoyed with happiness, because I was with my favorite people in the world.

I look through the rest of the pictures of the other kids that had been to camp those years. I thought to myself why have I never looked at these memories before. This reminded me why I fell in love with soccer. Its something that I still do today and I’m so glad that I learned how to play or I would never be doing what I love today. I look back at those pictures and it reminds me why I have a love for the sport.

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