Memoir of a Boring Boarding School Kid

November 12, 2010
By Riccmin BRONZE, Lancaster, South Carolina
Riccmin BRONZE, Lancaster, South Carolina
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I was quietly enjoying the silence of the house, when I heard a big ruckus that came from the first floor, and I wondered what it was. Where was the rest of my family? They were talking about sending me to a school, since the teachers in the state of Oaxaca, Mexico were on riot. They closed down the schools for 2 months, because they refused to teach. The government didn’t pay them enough. This kind of stuff only happens in Mexico. They were talking about a school and how great it was, and that we were going to buy my uniforms the next morning. I did not have a choice.
The next morning we went and got my uniforms, and they were hideous and baggy. I would have made a big deal out of it but I didn’t want to argue with my mother at the time, since we always fight over the most stupid things. After we got those monstrosities of uniforms, we went and saw the school. And I saw the students in the windows. And I said out loud “Am I going to prison”, my mother said “you’re crazy, this is your new school.” Shocked that this school was in the middle of nowhere, I started to complain. My mother told me to chill out, so I did and I got out of the car.
I rang the bell at the gate, and a mean looking lady came to the gate. She told us her name was Sonia. She had hair like Medusa and a face like her too. And she had a reputation of being the meanest human soul in the whole entire school. She told us the rules and regulations of the school, and she kept blabbing and blabbing about it. I wanted to tell her to shut up, but she didn’t. After all of the talking she gave me my room number and my keys to the room. As I walked to the room, I noticed that all the students were looking at me from their windows, looking at me like I had clown makeup on my face.
I finally arrived to the room there were two guys in there, one looked like a total pothead and the other one looked like he has the school’s douche.
The douche snarled at me and said “who the hell are you?”
“I’m your new roommate,” I said.”
“Oh, well my name is Diego and the dude at the corner is Yorsamin.”
“Yorsamin, what a weird name” I said
And then Yorsamin looked at e with dagger in his eyes. I kinda got creeped out so I went to the empty bed and packed my stuff.
Then I heard someone scream “the name is Yorsa, and if you talk to me I will punch you in the face. “What a warming welcoming” I thought to myself.

I was told that dinner started at eighth but first you had to take a bath. I didn’t fell comfortable sharing a bathroom with the other guys, there were dirty towels and dirty clothes piled up in the floor. The bathroom was nice, but I didn’t like the dirty clothes. I didn’t say anything because at that time couldn’t afford for my roommates to hate me. After a long shower, I went into the dining room it was a big one too. Lots of people looked I me, I didn’t like that. That night we had fried chickens and beans. One boy I was looking at got in trouble for chewing with his mouth open. He got whipped with a belt and every one bursted out laughing. I did too, but then the boy went into a “Mel Gibson” rage because we were laughing at him.
Once were dismissed to our rooms were locked in our room. I was like “WTF”
“We are locked in case we try to escape,” Diego said.
“Really why?” is asked.
“Because some dude tried to escape four weeks ago, that why” Yorsa said.
“Why are you even talking to me?” I said sarcastically
“Shut up, I’m trying to sleep” said Diego.
That nigh I couldn’t sleep, I was already homesick, and somebody was snoring. I felt like putting a sock in their mouth.

The next morning we went to breakfast and we had a delightful eggs and bacon. I went to class, and I met my teacher named Mr. Leoncio, a very serious man, and kind of creepy. We were thought about drugs in class something Yorsa might be interested in.

When we got out of class I decided to go to my room. Then someone knocked, on the door. It was Sonia. She said my mom had enrolled me in extra tutoring. I was so mad because I had to go to the stupid tutoring. I was so stressed when it was finally over. I didn’t like the school. A very long week passed, I felt time had frozen. I was so pissed I told my mom I didn’t want to go there. She said I had to stay. She had already paid for everything. I went there for a year. I would tell you more stuff but is secret.

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