Too Much Fun

November 11, 2010
I jump out of the car as fast as I can-my tennis shoes half way on. I have a huge smile across my face, I am so excited! All I hear is my cousins screaming at me to get my bathing suit on. As I open the trunk, slowly things start to fall out on top of me. I grab my bag, run into the cabin, and slam the door. I put my suit on as fast as I can. I had this I- just-can’t-wait-to-jump-into-the-pool feeling. It was so and I mean soo good to be there.

Almost every year we walk to the Big Sauble Point Lighthouse. It took us a hour to walk a mile and a half. While we were walking we were racing down the beach against our four year old cousin and our uncle. Who do you think won?? We walked on there renewing, relaxing beach with the dead rainbow trout lying on the sand like a plank of wood. The rush of the water hits my feet as we walk along the shore. Once we got there we walked all one hundred- thirty steps to the top and looked out onto Lake Michigan. When I was looking out all I could think is it is the most beautiful view you could ever imagine. There are waves crashing and boats out where you can just barley see them there are also is just one thing that I like it is the shiny sort of bubbly water. Almost everybody went. Even my four year old cousin went. It is so much fun to stroll along the beach with my cousins and family.

My cousins and I filled up the bottom of the slide at our resort with sand. My cousin Kate wanted fill in the back so she went down the slide. Once she was down there she couldn’t get back up. She was in there for twenty minutes. We tried all different techniques to get her back up. As we were trying our last technique it started to work the gritty texture of Kate’s sand covered hands covered my whole body as we pulled her up the slide.

Ludington was such a blast. I am so glad we go. We make so many memories. We take way to many pictures. I can’t wait for next year’s trip to come.

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