November 11, 2010
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Everyone has memorable moments at least once in their life. I also have mine. You can't compare to it, for it's something that cannot be replace. It's something to cherish forever, something that will never leave your heart.

It was in the summer, late July of 2010. Ludington State Park was where I was, having the time of my life while going camping. Pines is where we always camp. In my opinion, it is the best part of the park.

I took my bike down to the shore, gazing out at silent Lake Michigan. How beautiful it looked, like a sheet of glass spread out across a flat plain, or a giant blanket covering up the Earth.

Smiling wide, with big eyes, I sat down in the soft sand. I felt it tickle my skin as it crawled up onto my hand.

I put my feet in the partially green water, allowing it to satisfy my thirst for coldness. I splashed water onto my face, soaking my eyes, nose, and mouth.

Staring at the sunset I watched, waiting for magic to begin. Suddenly, a ray of sunshine brighter than anything in the world shot out, shining in my eyes. I squinted, watching the sky. A beautiful masterpiece full of purple, pink, and orange floated high above me, and I stared full of awe and amazement.

That memorable moment I will never forget. It was a showing of what God made for us, and I will love it forever.

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