Go Fast

November 10, 2010
By , Waterboro, ME
“And Johnathon wins the race!!” is what I was thinking the first time I went go-karting. The summer I went go-karting for the first time was so fun. I went to Maine Indoor Karting which is in Scarborough, Maine. I was able to pay for this all by myself with my own money because my uncle gave me a $100 gift card for it. Before I could start racing I had to get my license first and go through a training class which took like 45 minutes. As I am sitting in the training class all I am thinking is that I am so board and that I just want to race but finally it ended. Then we went out on the track to learn how to drive the go-karts. It was a lot easier than I thought it would be. Then after we were done learning how drive them we got a free race. I was racing two other kids about my age and we had 8 minutes to get in as many laps as possible. I got 14 laps in the 8 minutes. Afterwards, when I saw the race results I saw that I actually won. I was able to win because the other kids kept spinning out. Finally, after the practice race was over I was able to race with different people. The next race I was in, I was racing with the two kids and their dad and someone else. By the end of that race I didn’t end up winning but I came in third and I also ended up beating those kids again. The best thing about beating the other kids was that it was my first time ever driving a go-kart and they had been driving a go-kart for a long time.

The next time I went go-karting was for my uncles bachelor party. The people that were there was My uncles friends Dan, Nick, Drew, Dave, Justin, my moms boyfriend mike, and my uncle Kevin and I. In those races I didn’t do so well because it was only my second time and they had raced a lot more than I have. Nick wasn’t able to race because he had a broken wrist. Dan was the fastest out of all of us even when he didn’t have the fastest go-kart. Most of the races I started in first but then Dan and my uncle flew right on by me. At the end of most races I finished in third place but in a couple races I hit the wall over and over again and got lapped and passed by everyone. This did not make me happy. After I hit the wall I was about to pass someone but the race ended. In the same race Justin made me spin out when I was going around a corner. That was a pretty fun day and after we were done racing we went to get some lunch at Jimmy The Greek’s. Afterwards, we went back to my uncles house to watch the New England Patriots game.

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