The Day My Grandpa Died

November 10, 2010
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It was Tuesday, my sister and brother-in- law were dropping their kids off at our house to baby-sit with my dad, Brooke (my step mom), Jordan and I. They brought the most interesting little tool ever. It was a T.V. with audio and a camera, baby monitor. It was so cool we were putting it outside, in my room, and well “other places” let’s just say. A couple hours later after the little ones were shooting their bows… I heard Brooke say “Ice cream” with excitement "Who wants Ice cream" “we do!!” we all said with a shout “O.K. then out to the porch if you want ice cream boys” we all raced to the porch. Jordan and I were like race cars out to the porch while the boys were like jet engines to get ice cream. “Six year olds” I said in memory. “Where’s dad at?” I asked while I was eating my creamy ice cream out in the lit porch with all the boys, “he’s in our room”. “May I ask why is the ice cream in a cup?” I said “we were out of bowls, hey, I’m going to go check on your dad” “O.K.” I said. “Cake” I thought. Then Brooke came out to the porch panting and crying a little bit and said “go see your dad he’s in our room” and that’s when it hit me. Go see your dad, and Brooke crying I knew this day had to come sooner or later.

Grandpa passed away.

As we walked through the hallway and into the room there dad was sitting on the bed like a sad little puppy tears dripping down his eyes like water dripping from an eye dropper and there dad said in such a sad voice “my dad just died”. Jordan started to cry and said “Oh dad” and we both just started to hug him and comfort him as much as we can then I started to tear a little bit and there was a moment of silence until I said “when is the funeral?” “Sunday we might go down there on Friday so be prepared”. We hugged him like a teddy bear and he said “but its ok he’s in a better place now…heaven”.

Then I thought to myself “I’ll have to experience that kind of pain someday”…

And you will too.

Not too soon I hope.

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