my worst problem ever

November 4, 2010
By sa4mey BRONZE, Chelsea, Massachusetts
sa4mey BRONZE, Chelsea, Massachusetts
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yo dog stop (said by my friend)

It’s indescribable, unbelievable. It hurts me deep down inside. I try to find a way to get lost in another day. I want to delete that day right out of my life long list. Delete it right out of there. I have no use for it. It’s unimportant, ruins one big special day of my life. When I think of it “Drop” a tear falls down my check. It’s not just a tear; it’s a tear full of hatred, sadness and depression. People don’t get those everyday, but for some reason I do. My mouth closes as the words try to come out. Every part of me hates that little problem that became the most biggest, the most saddest moment of my life.
I can’t forget it, I can’t get it out of my mind. It’s like a picture of a memory that is stuck in a shelf full of nothing but sadness, crying, and lies. It’s hard to get it out of there. Those tears that I get people don’t know why, and they call me crazy. Well maybe I am crazy, for that problem to go away as fast as possible. I wish I could go to the past and trade it for a new extra magical day. I can’t just wave goodbye to it although I wish I could. No matter what what this problem is always stuck in my mind like a bird stuck in a cage. Everyday it appears in front of me, telling me to cry. It’s so relative to every simple day day of my life that I have to spend on crying and regreting it. I try to find the words to explain it but I can’t, this little thing inside my head is keeping it all inside it’s box of sadness. Writing about it makes me want to scream out loud. When I think of it, I stop breathing for a second. Every system of my body stops working. Even thought it’s only a second it seems like a million years long. Regreting it is always on my mind. People say it’s not woth it, but I know that and I just can’t help it. Every tears that I’ve cryed are just tears, but the tears for this brutal problem are something that no one should ever want. This problem is stupid. It makes me think more and more each day that I am weak, dependent and a whole lot of stupid. This problem is bullying me. Those tears are coming out of my eyes like money out of a wallet. I am stuck in this world of happiness but the worste thing is that I am the only sad one. I always get one chance to get rid of that problem but this little evil thing is always distracting me. Do you think this problem will go away.

The author's comments:
wrote this when i was feelling low

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