School, It Is

November 3, 2010
I remember the good ole days. When boys had cooties, there wasn’t any fighting, and if there was, some kid stole your crayon. When no one laughed at you for picking your nose, because everyone else was too. When everyone liked when you knew how to write your name. This was way back in kindergarten. I remember sitting down at the blue round table, just sitting there, not knowing anyone. Except my sister. It would only be me and Crystal talking the whole class. Until we started talking to this girl named Ashley. Yeah, we were nervous about making new friends, but might as well try. So we’d talk here and there. Watching the kids cut their hair with little scissors and just laughing to each other when they got yelled at. Getting lunch in the cafeteria together and bringing it back to class, always being together. We would talk on the phone almost every night, asking each other if we liked school, how it was going, or if we like our teacher. Then later in the year we started talking more, we even started hanging out. She would come over to my house and spend the night. I remember those days like I know what the back of my hand looks like. I knew from day one that she would be my best friend. Until about first or second grade was until we both started making new friends. I made a new friend in first grade, but then she moved away. We were still close for awhile, then our friendship kind of faded I guess from never seeing each other anymore. She did come back and visit every once and awhile, but not recently. I learned it’s hard to keep a long distance relationship with a friend. It’s pretty much not even possible to keep a friendship when she doesn’t have a cellphone, Facebook, and I don’t know her house number. So that pretty much cancels the whole friend thing that was ever going on between us.

First grade, one of my worst nightmares ever. I hated going to school. I would pretend I was sick everyday, but then my mom found out I was faking it. Truth was, I was homesick. I wasn’t used to going to school all day, because in kindergarten you only went for half a day then went home. But no, first grade you had to stay there the whole time. So yeah, I missed my mom. What’s so bad about that? I was 7, cut me some slack. Soon I got over it and actually went to school fine. That was when I started playing on the playground with Ashley. It really stunk because she wasn’t in my class in first grade, so we barely saw each other except at recess and at lunch. That wasn’t good enough for me. So we hung out more. Which brought us closer.

Oh the days in second grade, pretty much the same as first. No classes with Ashley, that was how it went until third and fourth grade. Which was the same teacher since she did a rotation class with another teacher. We would be partners for everything. Every time we had a chance to pick partners, we’d look at each other and nod. Indicating that it was going to be us together. Of course that always wasn’t the right choice. We’d talk the whole time, never get anything done. That was so worth it though, getting closer by the minute. Eventually we did get our work done. It took some forcing, but we did finish it. Sometimes I look back, thinking about the good times back in elementary school. Where there was rarely any fighting, drama, relationships with boys. Also a huge thing i miss is getting little to no homework. But here, in middle school, we get jam packed with homework...every single night. It’s not just something that’ll take you five minutes. More like an hour to a half an hour. I guess I have to get used to it when it comes to being a freshman. Never thought elementary school would be so good.

Fifth and sixth grade wasn’t all that exciting. Just the same ole same ole. Going to school, learning about things we don’t care about, then getting sent home with loads of homework. These were the grades that I absolutely hated. Me and Ashley started to drift away from each other. She had someone else to hang out with, someone who I didn’t like very well. She decided to be “popular”. If that was even possible in elementary school, but that’s not the point. She started ignoring me, like I didn’t exist. So since i totally lost her, I found someone else. We became good friends, hanging out at each others house for awhile, spending the night, playing with her dog, doing fun things. While Ashley was having a numb spell, I knew she’d be back. So over the summer of sixth grade, we started hanging out again. A lot. We finally became close again, little did we know we were on the same team for seventh grade! We became best friends again, but not as close as we used to be, that’s for sure. But you know, as long as we are still friends and close, that’s all I care. It also stinks that I have to share her with my sister. It’s always fun when she comes over, even though Crystal’s there. But I’m glad that me and her both have different friends, which is good. I mostly have more older, high schooler friends...that are guys, but hey, that’s not bad.

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