First Kiss

November 2, 2010
By Anonymous

What's the first thing you notice about someone? For my mom I know it's their handshake, my sister it's their smile, and my father sees feet first. For me though, it's the eyes.

When I saw him standing besides the tree, guitar in hand, the strings vibrating out a gorgeous song that sounded like a tune sung by John Lennon, I never thought that this boy, the one with dark gray eyes and shaggy black hair, would be someone significant in my life. At the time I found high school stupid, the way people dated to date and kiss and go to football games and look popular. I despised how everyone would hook up for a few days and find no physical attraction. Wow.

It's scary, the fact that I thought nothing would come of this boy. With the mysterious eyes who could play a guitar and sing beautifully. Why does he matter?


His name was Seth. And man, I fell hard for him. He kissed me. We were running in the rain, it's drops splattering into our faces like tears. When we stopped somewhere on a dune, alone, he leaned in slowly and kissed me, a passion aweakened from deep inside.

The author's comments:
Seth isn't his name, but for his own sake, I felt I wouldn't say it because, ladies, you can't have him! ;)

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