Ditching Class

November 2, 2010
By , Chicago, IL
It happened when I was in 8th grade. It was almost the end of the school year so everyone mostly didn’t care if they would get in trouble. One of my friends, Jasmine and me were in our social studies class. Their was actually a sub that day so we decided to ditch our next period class which was science and just stay in our social studies. We didn’t feel like doing no work in science and just chill for in lease that period and we found it easy since the sub didn’t know us.

“Let’s just stay here so we won’t have to do no work for the rest of the day,” my friend told me.

“What if we get caught up though?” I replied.

“We won’t,” she said. “Their too stupid, or if anything we’ll hide.” So the bell rand and it was time to switch classes. Jasmine and I stayed in the social studies class, everyone else, and the other class came in.

The sub looked at us and said, “Weren’t you guys just here? Get out and go to your next class before I write you up.”

“Yeah but were suppose to be with this class and have you for social studies rite now.” I told him.

He was a sub so of course he didn’t know if we really were supposed to be their so he believed us. We kind of got away with it for in lease like 25 minutes. But then I guess someone from our science class told our science teacher we really were there because out of the no were we see my science teacher and security opening the door. To me the door was opening very slowly and I was just waiting for the moment of them to scream at us for ditching class. We freaked out and ran to a little corner that if you stand by the door your not able to see us. They stood there for a while looking around trying to find us.

“Where are those two girls!?” security screamed.
“Glorimar and Jasmine?” my science teacher continued saying.

Everyone turned around looked at the corner and just stared at us so rite away they knew we were there. When they stared at us my friend and I were so scared you almost saw sweat running down our faces.

“Come out rite now! You both are in so much trouble.” Security said.

“I am so disappointed with you guys,” my science teacher told us. “I know you are smarter than this, I would expect this from anyone else but you two.”

I new she meant it because that is something we wouldn’t do so “I’m sorry” was the only thing I said.

She continued “A sorry doesn’t fix the fact that you ditched my class, I want both of you to learn your lesson so I’m suspending you for one day, now go with security.”

“That’s not fair, when other students ditch your class you don’t do nothing to them and just take them back in your class like nothing but yet when we do it you suspend us man what ever.” My friends Jasmine said as we were walking away.

The teacher looked at us with an even more serious face and now kind of mad and said “I told you I expected this from anyone else but you guys, so I want you to just learn your lesson.” We were pretending to ignore her but we still new exactly what she was saying.
The next day we got in school suspension and some how my softball coach found out. Out of all the teachers in that school he was the last person I wanted to find out.
“Next time you decide to ditch class I’m kicking you off the team!” he told me with such a disappointed face.

The truth I almost cried not literally but that really made me think of what I did. Softball is my life I love playing it and I would hate to be out of the team just for one dumb cut that I did. Never again did I ditch a class because I new it wasn’t worth it.

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