Empty Hole

November 1, 2010
By sandy28sr SILVER, Santa Cruz, California
sandy28sr SILVER, Santa Cruz, California
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"Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly."

December 7, 1996 Dora and her older brother, Darko, woke up and had the usual breakfast, Lucky Charms cereal. Their day seemed to be like any other Wednesday morning. Mom was watching novelas, while Dora and Darko were playing Power Rangers. Darko was the red one and Dora the pink one like always. Since Mom was pregnant and was due in two weeks, Dad had Dora and Darko take care of her until he returned from work in the afternoon.

Why are you just sitting here? Haven’t you heard? said Uncle Francisco to Mom. What are you talking about, what happened? asked Mom, scared to hear the response. Jaime never showed up at work this morning explained Francisco. Mom fell back into the flowery couch and started crying. She dialed Jaime’s cell phone, his work, and his brothers’ and friends’ numbers. No one had heard from him. Her last call was to the police station. The lady who answered said there had been nothing reported for the name Jaime Ramirez. Where is he? wondered Mom, as she walked back and forth and occasionally stopped to feel her tummy. Her baby boy was kicking her inside.

Two in the afternoon, and the entire family had arrived at the family residence. Dora and Darko stood in a corner, confused about what was occurring. Mom you can’t cry, Dad will be mad at us said Darko. I’m not crying there’s something in my… said Mom to Darko as she was interrupted by the door bell. She rushed to the door, hoping it was Jaime. Instead it was the police. Hello Ma’m I’m officer Barnaby. Are you the wife of Jaime? asked the officer. Right then tears started to fall down her cheeks like a river. Is he okay? asked Mom impatiently. I’m sorry, but he was in an accident and died instantly said the officer. Grandma Catalina and Uncle Francisco rushed behind Mom before she fell. Darko, being the oldest, eavesdropped and heard everything. He ran upstairs to his room, and stayed there for awhile. Dora, still in her corner, was afraid to move, speak, or even breathe. Why is everyone crying? Dora wondered.

Your dad wanted us to name you Eduardo said Mom to her new born baby boy, after seeing him for the first time. Dora and Darko were in the waiting room with Uncle Francisco, and were a little upset that they weren’t allowed in the delivery room. Is he going to be heavy? asked Dora. All she ever did was play with dolls; she was excited to know she would have her own real life baby to play with. Of course Darko had to kill her day dreaming thoughts. You aren’t allowed to hold him you’re not old enough said Darko, as if he was the boss.

Dora and her baby brother Eduardo enjoyed playing together. They were always getting in trouble except Eduardo was only one-year-old so he was easily forgiven. Dora sometimes wondered were Dad was. Every time Dora asked about Dad, Mom and everyone else would say he was at work and that he would be back soon. Darko was not the same kid he was before Eduardo was born. Dora assumed he was jealous because she didn’t pay as much attention to him since she had Eduardo to play with. That was before Dr. Santora spoke to her as an adult.

Dora what happened?! Yelled Mom as Dora covered the left side of her face with her hand. She was trying to help Eduardo who had blood all over his face and was crying as if someone was trying to kill him. Darko get your sister in the car we have to go to the hospital yelled Mom. On the ride Mom kept questioning Dora about what happened, but her mouth stayed shut and her hand remained on the left side of her face. When they arrived at the hospital Eduardo was taken to the emergency room immediately. His face was still bleeding, and Mom was sad because she couldn’t do anything to stop the crying. Dr. Santora arrived and asked Mom what happened to Eduardo’s face. I don’t know, Eduardo and Dora were playing, all of a sudden I heard them scream and there he was with blood all over his face explained Mom. Dr. Santora turned to Dora and removed her hand off of her face. Dora had burn marks all over the left side of her face. Dora can you please tell me how you got that on your face? asked Santora. Dora remained silent. A police officer arrived and questioned Mom and Darko.

Mom had left an iron by the window as she always did so it could cool down. She always warned them about going near it and they always listened. Dora and Eduardo were on the floor having a good time as Eduardo reached and pulled the cord, pulling the iron down to their faces. It cut his face and burned hers.

I’m sorry Cristina but you kids are going to have to stay here until the incident is investigated said Santora to Mom. You don’t think I would hurt my own kids do you Santora? I love them more than my life said Mom. Santora was a mean person who shouldn’t be trusted. Dora sweetie did your mom hurt your face? Did she hurt you and your baby brother? she continued to ask. Dora shook her head as she held ice to her face to help with the pain. Sweetie I know it’s hard that your dad passed away so you’re afraid to lose your mom too, but I want to help you Santora said. When Dora heard the words passed away she broke down in tears and asked for Mom. They were able to see each other, but only with the nurse in the room. Dora asked Mom if it was true. Santora why would you ever tell a child about an incident like this? yelled mom. Dora didn’t understand how it was possible for him to be gone forever, when Mom told her he would be back soon from work.

Hours passed by so fast it was soon daytime. Dora was finally able to speak. She told the nurse what happened, who went to go get the officer. Once he went to their house to check out the scene where it happened he concluded that the evidence proved Mom innocent of hurting her kids, and that Dora told the truth. Cristina, I am sorry for doubting you, but you have to understand that I was scared you were taking out the death of your husband on your children said Santora. Mom signed the release papers for Dora and Eduardo and walked away, with nothing left to say.

The author's comments:
I've never been able to talk about the death of my dad because its always been too hard. Having the opportunity to write about it really helped me deal with my feelings towards it a bit.

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