Thin Twice Before You Disobey Someone

November 2, 2010
By , Chicago, IL
I used to go to an after school program called Casa Romero. My 2 friends Nelly and Martha used to hang out there. We would always see each other there and just talk and chill.

Every time my mom dropped me off at Casa Romero, she would always say, “Don’t leave or get out from there.”

I would always reply by saying, “Okay mom.” Then she would just dive away until I came out until like 6 pm.

One day, my friends and I began to talk about anything. Then Martha, my friend had said, “We should ditch one day.”

“I know right, we should!” exclaimed Nelly, my other friend.

“Yeah, we should,” I agreed, “But when?”

“Hmm, How about tomorrow??” had asked Nelly.

“It’s cool with me,” Martha had responded.

“It’s alright with me too, but we have to go after my mom drops me off.” I had said

“Oh okay,” had replied Martha.

“Well aright then. So tomorrow we are going to meet up in here so we can leave,” Nelly had reminded Martha and me.

“Yeah, but what are we going to do and where are going to go?” had asked Martha

“Well, we’ll figure it out tomorrow because my mom is here to pick me up,” I had replied, “And so yeah. Well bye girls”
So then we all had left that day. The next day, we had met up at the after school program. We waited for my mom to leave because we didn’t want her to see us leaving. Plus like always she had told me to stay at Casa Romero and not to go anywhere. So when we seen my mom driving off, we started to walk outside and just leave.

“So where are we going go to go?” asked Martha.

“We can go to my house for a little bit,” replied Nelly.

“Yeah, that’s cool,” I had replied. So then we began to start to walk to Nelly’s house. On out way to her house, I saw some of my friends from my classroom. I would say hi to them and they would say hi back.
So when we got to Nelly’s house, we were just watching TV, we ate hot chips, and drank soda. We started to watch a movie, but then we began to get bored so I was like, “We should go to Davis Square Park.”

“Yeah we should!” exclaimed Martha.

“Then lets go,” replied Nelly.
We got out from Nelly’s house and started to walk to the park, which was close to her house. When we got to the park, out of nowhere we ran to the swings. We were laughing and started to swing on the swings. Then we got off the swings and began to run around the park like crazy people. We were yelling and laughing while running. We were having a great time, but them we had to leave and go back to Casa Romero because like always, my mom was going to pick me up. Since we came out at 6 o’clock from the program, and since my mom didn’t know I ditched, we had to go a little bit earlier so she could have thought I was there the whole time. So my friends and I left the park at 5:45 pm and started to walk to Casa Romero.
While we were walking back to Casa Romero, there was some guy that began to follow my friends and me. I began to get kind of scared, especially because the streets were very lonely and it was kind of dark outside. My friends also began to get scared.

“We should walk faster,” I whispered to my friends so the guy wouldn’t hear me.

“Yeah we should,” Martha and Nelly whispered back.

We began to walk faster and we also tried to move to different places so we could have lost the guy, but he still kept on following us. I got so scared because he seemed so creepy and scary. Every time one of us turned to see if he was still following us, he would just smile at us all creepy. I kept on thinking of the words that my mom had told me, “Don’t leave from Casa Romero,” and “Just stay inside and don’t get out.” I was so upset and scared. The guy would try to call us but we would ignore him and just keep walking faster. My friends and I kept on walking until we saw older ladies. We passed through them, and we began to run as fast as we could, non stop.
We ran until we lost the old creepy man and got to Casa Romero. The 3 of us were shaking and we were really scared. When we were inside the program, my friends and I decided never to ditch again. We began to talk about what if something bad could’ve happened to us. What if the guy caught up to us and had taken the 3 of us away? But the good thing was that we were safe, and we knew we weren’t going too ditched again.

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Kody K. said...
Nov. 3, 2010 at 1:35 pm
great story
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