October 21, 2010
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Last year, I had to fight monsters. Not the kind of monsters that are big, with huge claws and horrible tempers, no, these ones are scarier. These kind of monsters have a very good disguise. They are orange-skinned, with big poofs and glossy lips. They wear mini skirts with UGGs in the middle of the summer, and talk as if they have never taken an English class. These monsters walk with a swing of the hips and a pout of their lips. They are immature teenage girls.

It was my freshman year and everything was going fine. I felt like I had a solid group of friends that I could trust to always be there for me. I was content with my life. That is until I decided to make a change. I decided I wanted to make my own decisions. I didn’t want to dress like I was going to work on the street corners or act as if I didn’t have a brain. I decided to switch lunch tables every other day so that I could expand my group a little.

The monsters didn’t like this decision, they wanted me destroyed. To them, thinking by yourself was like killing their mom. It was a big deal. They told me I had to choose, be friends with just them, or not be friends with them at all. I chose the better of the 2, the latter of the 2.
That’s when the bullying started. If they saw me while I was walking down the hall, they would laugh at me, trip me, elbow me, you name it, they just wanted me to hate life. I would get into class, sit in my assigned seat, and there they were, sitting a couple sits by me, laughing, giggling and pointing at me. I knew what they were saying, but I didn’t want to think about.

The “secretive” stuff wasn’t enough. They had to do more. They started calling me the Hulk. I was fat, ugly, mean, I had mood swings, I boxed and I wore green tights 1 day, so I was weird. They didn’t just say it to each other, they told everyone they knew. They started spreading rumors. Rumors that weren’t true about things I never even said anything about.
It got worse after that, I started getting texts about how they hated me and how ugly I was. They used every weakness I had to get to me. They knew my weaknesses because I had confided in them with confidence. They didn’t care they were destroying my life, they liked it.

That year took a lot to get through. Fighting them was harder then fighting any monster out there. I hated it and still get tears in my eyes just thinking about that year, but I would not change it if I could. Before this event, I was an immature teenage girl, just like them, but now I know what’s important in life, not just friends. This experience made me grow as a person in more ways then I will ever know myself.

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