October 21, 2010
By devsicle GOLD, Kennebunk, Maine
devsicle GOLD, Kennebunk, Maine
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Dream like you will live forever, life like you will die tomorow.

Without music, I do not know where I would be at today. Music literaly saved my life. Those days that were just hard I wanted to go crawl into a corner and never come out, I would just put on my headphones, press shuffle on my iPod and escape into the music. When I was younger it was the Jonas Brothers, I gradually grew into Taylor Swift and ended up at the classics like John Lennon with a mixture of John Mayer and Thriving Ivory.

The music of Thriving Ivory actually made me feel normal. The song lyrics talk about scars from other people and having dreams bigger then your town. I felt like I could relate to all of the songs in numerous ways. Whenever I felt down, I could just listen to the music and feel free. My whole life would just disappear and I would be alone. It felt good and refreshing. It was feeling I never got before.

Music brought me into a whole new world. A world where people do not dwell on their problems and insecurities, they turn them in to something great. I have wanted my whole life to be able to pick up a pen and paper and right a song. I envy those with that skill, it’s an amazing talent to have.

I am not one of those who go “oh my god, music is my life!” Those girls just annoy me. I admit that at one point I used to say that. You would look at my Facebook bio and there it would say exactly this, Music is my life J

I have since decided that music is something personal. Your music tastes are yours because they mean something to you. If I connect to a song it’s mostly because I relate to the lyrics. Others do not have “bad” taste in music, they just have a unique taste. I love music and always will.

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