The Race That Won My Confidence

October 17, 2010
Excitement ran through my veins as I stood alone. All around me, swimmers assembling themselves for the big race, showed no fear. Seeming to be the only fearful one of the bunch, I quickly decided to put on an act. I remember wanting to look as confident as the rest, for I could not bare to show my emotions as I might be put down myself. At the age of ten, fitting in with the crowd had been a priority of mine, and fitting in is what I had done.

This meet, being my first, had my stomach in knots on the inside. All I could think about were my races and what I would look like out in the water. I imagined myself soaring across the water like a dolphin as I used all of my energy to pull the waves back. Considering this day would come to creep up on us sooner then we had thought, Coach Colton had us practicing for weeks. The day had finally arrived and it was obvious to us that the hard work would pay off. Feeling quite apprehensive, I could not help but to feel a little unprepared or as if something could go wrong when least expected.

Therefore, I prepared myself. I looked at my DRD swim cap proudly because I knew I would accomplish something great today. I put on my cap, adjusted my goggles, and waited. The lifeguard blew the horn and called out for the girls performing the butterfly stroke to come forward. Everyone saw it in my eyes, this event meant the world to me. For certain, success was in my near future. The swimmers and I stepped up to the diving blocks.

A whistle was blown, and the race began. I dove into my lane arms first, then head, and then the rest of my body. I focused on my breathing and doing the stroke as quickly and best as I could. Only one hundred yards for this race to be a done deal. I could see myself ahead of the other girls and thankfully, I kept myself in that place. My last and most quick lap had won me the race.

I pulled myself out of the water feeling very accomplished with a mile wide smile across my face. Cheering and chanting away, the crowd had me astounded. I could not believe that I had just won my very first race. Soaking wet, I ran to my parents who threw their arms around me and congratulated me. This day, I realized that with hard work and dedication, something that seems impossible isn’t very far from reach. I will always remember this as one of the best moments of my life.

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