What Freedom Means to Me

October 25, 2010
By volleyball13 BRONZE, LIttleton, Colorado
volleyball13 BRONZE, LIttleton, Colorado
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I believe freedom is many things.Though in some places freedom isn't all that. For example, In school freedom doesn't look the same to students, Because rules need to keep you safe. You can’t say and do anything you want.Throughout the U.S., there are that not all freedom applies to you.

One aspect of freedom is speech. Freedom of speech means you can say and do what you want when you want.You should be allowed to say what you want without someone saying no. People can state their opinion. If someone doesn't like what you say they don’t have to agree.All different people have different opinions.

The second aspect is freedom of action. Freedom of action means about just the same as the others.For example, you can do anything you want when you want. Someone can’t say no you can’t do that.Freedom is your own opinion.

Freedom to me me

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