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October 25, 2010
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I believe that embarrassment is the best form of education. I was in third grade. We had been practicing with Mrs. Esco (the music teacher) for our upcoming musical. It was scheduled for us to sing in front of the whole school. I was very excited.

Now i had done this before but this was the first time it was in front of the entire school. Normally we only preformed in front of family and friends. The musical was titled “Weeds in the Garden”. I happened to play the caterpillar.

With the big show drawing close we began trying on costumes and getting the set ready. You know hanging the signs, painting the backdrops. As time passed my excitement grew. Finlay it was time for the big show.

“I have to go Potty” I said to Mrs. Esco as the curtain was rising.

“Too bad, you’ll have to hold it”. She replied. So I did, for about ten minutes. Half way through the performance a warm liquid trickled down my leg leaving my jeans darker than they were before. I was so embarrassed. Apart from that it taught me to laugh at my self. Which in my opinion is a good thing.

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