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October 22, 2010
By AthenaMinerva BRONZE, Auburn, New York
AthenaMinerva BRONZE, Auburn, New York
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When I was younger my little brother and I walked to school every day. We would go to the small deli across the street and buy there buttery homemade garlic knot that were made every morning by the Italian family that owned the deli. After getting our garlic knots we would walk two blocks and wait at the corner for my crush at the time Brett. We would all then walk up to the school my little brother ahead of me and Brett. I mention Brett because Brett taught me a very valuable lesson things change and the changes aren’t always for the best.
Brett use to be the boy who stuck up for me. He made me believe I had a friend. One year I was in fourth grade at the time my parents decided that we all were going to move to South Carolina. Naturally I was nervous and sad I was leaving behind all my friends what made me even sadder was that I was leaving Brett behind. We moved and I thought of Brett often but I got into middle school and met my first boyfriend Dalton he reminded me a lot of Brett. Dalton had amazing blue eyes the color of a clear sky and brown hair. In seventh grade we went our separate ways. I had been comparing every guy to Brett for four years and there were a lot of guys.
One Guy in particular was nothing like Brett I liked him so much. He had dark black hair and and dark eyes to match he was always making me laugh and smile. His name was Grey I absolutely thought he was the greatest guy ever but he was so annoying. He always made jokes and everything so I never dated him no matter how many times he asked. Now I think that was the hugest mistake of my life. I think I refused because of Brett.
I came back to New York for high school. I thought for sure Brett would have done one of two things left Auburn or forgotten me. But he still remembered me. Though he says he doesn’t I could tell by the look he had given me that day at orientation and in the way he smiled at me while the vice principle was talking. I had to know if he really knew who I was or if that perfectly crooked smile was nothing so I started talking about Grey sure enough he had his chair turned all the way around and was watching me. On the first day of ninth grade I was excited to see him I could barely wait to get to school. When I saw Brett I walked over and said hi then he walked away Brett was ignoring me. I went home for the first two days I couldn’t believe my Brett could do such a thing as to ignore me like that.
Though I still don’t understand I have come to terms with the thought that Brett wasn’t worth my time and that he may have ruined the last five years of my life but I will give him no more thought. I fell as though I should hate him for this but I don’t. he has taught me a valuable lesson not only that he and men like him don’t deserve me even telling them the time of day but that people change and its not always for the best. So if Brett happens to read this and I hope he I would like to thank him though he doesn’t deserve it for giving me such a valuable lesson.

The author's comments:
Its a completely true story that I experience as a child and never will forget

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on Oct. 28 2010 at 9:58 am
i love it  and girl that boy must be cute


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