-Our Story.

October 14, 2010
By dessSoSweet9711 BRONZE, Buffalo, New York
dessSoSweet9711 BRONZE, Buffalo, New York
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-Dedicated to RDB?

This story is for my first love. This is your story. I put this together through our journey and my dreams. Our dreams. You may not think its my place too tell, maybe so. but aside the love we shared, this story's just about all i have left of you. So i guess this makes it my story too. It started early spring and you know what they say: love is in the air. We use to write eachother, back and forth, day and night, minuets off the hour. About any and everything. The attraction was strong, fatal at the least. But even though i liked you, nobody was sure if you felt the same way...oh but you did you knew it, and in some strange way i knew it too. It's funny, i still remember the night i found out you liked me. It was almost like a dream. You were such a major thing back then, and i...well i was just a lost soul. My world was you. My heart was you. My everything...was you. And in some bizzar way, you felt the same way maybe more. Remember the night we became one? Oh yes i remember it like it was yesterday. You put your arm around me and you said ''have you ever been in love?'' I looked at you like you were god or somthing. And i said ''im afraid to fall'' Then you joked and said ''you trip and fall all the time!'' We burst into laughter. Yes i was always the clumsy one wasn't i? But when things got serious, you said '' if you fall, then i'll catch you.'' I knew from that moment i loved you. I was young and in love. Wild and reckless, willing to do anything for you. Hoping we would spend our life togehter, forever. Yet i was wrong, because forever is shorter than it use to be. Our love once hoter than an eternal burning flame finally died down. All dreams stopped once i awoke. You know love, somtimes i wanna go back to sleep, because slee[ is easier than the unbarible reality...without you. Its funny, to think of all the times i would want to say i love you just so i could hear you say it back, but i did't wanna sound needy. That all sounds so silly beacuse NOW i need you. Love i need you! Don't say you don't need me, because i know you do. Maybe not now, but you'll need me the way i need you. So our story, i can't say it's over; because when i, you, they, everyone thought there was a the end....there was a to be continued.


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What inspired me? lol...

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