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October 5, 2010
By AMSfalconkid16 BRONZE, Auburn, Maine
AMSfalconkid16 BRONZE, Auburn, Maine
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It just randomly came to my mind the horrid accident my dad got into.....I haven't thought about this in forever my aunt had just ave birth to her daughter 2 years ago and she was having some issues so she was transported to Boston children's hospital. my mom went to go help out cause everytime else was working well that means she left my dad emily and leah at home my dad was working overnight shifts and tonight he had the day off but he had not sleeping the whole day my mom told him before she left "do not go anywhere you are to tired you haven't slept at all" so she leaves and the stubborn person my dad is he leaves to go get some supper on his way back he falls a sllep at the wheel with my 1 year old sister and my 3 year old in the truck he goes into the ditch torword the wood but someones house is on the other side thank fully he did not get the house but he cleared the trees and roled the truck over he got the girls out first the people who owned the house ruched out to help him but it was too late.....he had alredy broke his back and the girls were a mess my 1 year old sister could move her legs she was so sour and my 3 year old sister go tons of scrapes and bruses this horrid scene hasn't come to my head for about 3 years.

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