The First Snow

We had never had snow in our little village. Yes, we are called a village, we're just that small! Every winter, it was as cold as you'd expect winter to be, but it never snowed.
I was so excited, because our teachers had informed us that we might have snow this winter! Our whole class whooped and shouted with glee.
That weekend, I was, of course, sleeping as late as I could. At about ten o'clock, I was awakened by my older sister at my bedside. It was still dark and excrutiatingly cold.
"Tessa!" she said, sounding happy.
"What?" I said groggily, ridding my eyes of sleep.
"Come look outside!"
I got up and still wondered what the heck she was so excited about. I pulled on a jacket and walked into the living room quietly; my mother ws not yet awake.
My sister pulled me over to the window where I looked outside.
I was, in a word, flabbergasted.
It had snowed! It covered the ground so beautifully that it glistened into my wondering eyes. We were finally able to have snowball fights! And make snowmen!
"Let's go!" I said, eager to get into the soft ice.
That was the best winter in my entire life.

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