What I See

September 24, 2010
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I stand before a mirror, eyes transfixed on hers, the shiny blue grey eyes that look so sad and wary. Her dirty blond hair only shines in the sun, a glow offsetting with the bright shiny orb. Her slightly plump body covered, sucked in, as much as she can stand. A smile always plastered in place, sometimes fake. Tears stream from her dully lit eyes, like a fresh salty waterfall. They continue to leak as she thinks of the person that took her smile away, recalling the days when she actually smiled that genuine smile that slowly faded away. She wears long skirts to cover her legs, the things she’s beginning to love. She wears no makeup but to cover the zits that sometimes appear from her stress eating habit. Often she wears the color black because it disguises all things. From the red of her face to the plump body she has, a cape for everything. And the nails of her hands, sometimes chewed from nervous habit, are ragged and cut up and bloody. Her lips hold a key that is easy to take, if only if only she wouldn’t break so easily. And she’s learned the hard way that no one is trustworthy, she’s all alone in this place. Her ear buds are in and the music on high, she sighs with relief and the time passes by. She sings the melody, what it may be, that matches her emotions, her heart, and her plea. Maybe you see that girl too, I wouldn’t know. But that’s who I see in the mirror, staring back at me. I’d like her to be able to smile once again, to break free from that person that’s holding her back. But her hand is still outstretched, waiting and waiting, hoping that one day, that person will take it. But she knows all to well, in the bottom of her heart, she was only needed on occasion. But maybe one day she can let go and see all the beauty in the world that is out there to see. I hope se becomes happy, heartfelt, true, trustworthy, strong, through and through. I hope she can fight for herself in the end, cause no one is standing up for her in the end. She’ll stand for herself, on her own two feet. She’ll be strong and confident, kind and sweet. She won’t take any shit, she won’t be hurt or used. She’ll find someone worth everything. I know she will.

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Cassifer36 said...
Sept. 29, 2010 at 9:02 am
OMG, I love this, it's so real good job! :) I'd love to read more by you!
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