September 18, 2010
Forever. It's such a big word to say no matter what age we are. Everyone tells you that friends come and go, but family is forever. If family lasts forever, than why shouldn't you last forever just like your family. Some people say that nothing lasts forever, but I know that I want my legacy to last forever in my friends, family, and everyone I meet. I want my writings to leave a mark on everyone I meet, and my personality to never fade on the people I meet.

I'm not perfect, and never will be. I just want there to be a such thing as forever. If anything lasts forever, I would never take advantage of it. You never take advantage of the things that keep you alive because it can be taken from you. Most people these days want something about them to last forever, just like I want my writings to last forever, but I know that the more you worry about things that don't matter the less time you have to live your life. So don't waste your time hoping for forever when you can make what time you do have last.

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