Role in Life

September 10, 2010
By Anonymous

Just need a little time to breathe. Now, I found a very complicated issue to explain. I can not be trusted anymore. For some reason, Is it a false story or that I was not talented.
It takes a lot of time that I explain. But it was only a dream. As the heavens and the earth very much difference.
Only I was hurt. And no one will ever understand. Nobody gave me the time.
Now, all gone. I can not feel what I feel. All felt empty, and I could only grieve and play my role in this drama.
Playing with a tragic way. Being a nobody, but can not be replaced. As someone who sculpture in front of the whole world. In many ways I do to get attention. But only I could do something naughty.
Actually, I'm not like that. I just need confidence. It's my story a lot to brag, but indeed it is.
If, I could not hope, leave this sport continue to play a role, although this heart can not feel the role itself.

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