Grocery shopping with regrets.

September 9, 2010
By Jenn Juarez BRONZE, Park City, Utah
Jenn Juarez BRONZE, Park City, Utah
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Grocery shopping with regrets.

“I want out.” Being in the same house, the place so quiet like a ghost town. Literally falling asleep because of the quietness of the house. Watching re-runs on the T.V. Why am I even here inside? I wondered. I didn’t do anything, I’ve been eating the spicy food that makes my mouth water too much. I’ve been able to not punch my big boned... and fat cousin in the stomach. And I’ve been trying to spend time with the family, telling them to hang out when they’re deaf as a rock. I even told my aunt that.
I just walked out of the house and when to our “garage.” Well, it was like a garage, but doesn’t really have a roof. It’s not even that small. Kind of like a backyard of hard gray ground with a pretty good portion of grass.

I turned around and saw that the “garage” door was opened, and one of my friends was walking by the house. Fabiola, I called. She looked around to see who called. Over here, I said. She saw me and looked gun-shy. She usually was confident and ready to have a fun time. I walked over to her while she just stood there. What’s up, I asked in my native language. Oh, I just got to go to the Centro in a little bit, with the mexican overwrought sound. I knew something was wrong form there. But I had to cheer her up. Hey, can I go with you? I had to ask. I didn’t want her to feel heavy-hearted. She smiled, I already knew that I could. But she said I have to ask my aunt first before they’d “bury her next to the dog.” She’s a funny girl.

I went back inside. I thought you were going to Doña Lupe’s place, my aunt said.
I know, I just wanted to ask you if I could go to the Centro with Fabiola and Jessica.
OK just don’t take too long.

So we got all ready to go, but Brayant, my ex boyfriend and her cousin comes up. Starts cussing at the wind where I’ve been. I just ignored him. We’re not Winnie living with loads of honey in his house. We are polar opposites. It was a mistake to go inside of the house. And it was a mistake to say yes to him. I roamed back outside.

Just ignore him Jenn. Jessica knows Brayant knows him more then I do. And she knows me as if we were sisters. He’s just sad after you breaking up with him.

Yeah, but doesn’t give him the right to curse at me. I knew I had cursed at him too, but it was wrong to. Brayant just doesn’t really know how to treat a girl when he’s supposedly had 25 girl friends.

Finally arriving at the Centro, we looked for the “friend” Fabiola was talking about. We walked, walked, and walked. Then Jessica spotted him because she already knew who he was. Fabiola went up to him. Jessica and I just stood there where she left us. We wondered what they were saying. Fabiola came back, He says to met him by the fountain in 15 minutes.

So we started to search the thing that Doña Lupe sent her grandkids to buy. Fabiola had to go anyways, so Jessica and I looked for the vegetables and bread. As we passed by, I saw Brayant again. He looked at me, with a very gloomy expression. I looked back, my face saying leave me alone.

We went to fountain after our grocery shopping, and she looked annoyed after her conversation with him. He must have another. The sadness faded to anger.

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