Well Someone Had To Say Something To The Disiplinarian

July 30, 2010
By SwimGoggleEyes BRONZE, West New York, New Jersey
SwimGoggleEyes BRONZE, West New York, New Jersey
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All the reasons our school is giving us on why we can't wear black pants and only khaki just don't seem good enough reasons to make the switch. Does that make me bad? Immature? I don't think so. I go to an urban public school practically right next to New York City. I'm not against uniforms but I am against uniforms (and anything in general) that people try and make you do without really telling you why or giving you as little info as possible.
" You play sports, is that correct Andrea?", my disciplinarian says to me. "Yes." I reply eyebrows fully arched. "Well, you wear a uniform for those don't you? Think of it that way then. Your school is your team."
"No, mam. I wear my sports uniforms because I'm proud of my team." I say calmly and as modestly as possible hoping she'd get what I meant by that. "And your not proud of your school?" She says sharply eyebrows arched like mine were except half way up her forehead. No? How do I answer that without coming off as a little jerk. But it's the truth. No. What on earth does she want me to say?!
Alot of people told me I was just being stupid. "Its not going to matter when your out of high school, trust me" some idiot senior told me. He's right though, it isn't. "Your just being immature!" a drama student says. That's okay. They don't have the minds to understand. Truly understand. It bothers me that everyone thinks that once they turn 18 the world will just magically open up to them, some special level of maturity would be revealed, and everything would become less confusing and clear. Clueless. Just clueless.
I am wearing black pants not because I'm a rebel without a cause here. I'm wearing black pants because one day I am going be old enough to understand. I'm going to be 40 some day. That day isn't today. Just because your going to be an "adult" ONE DAY doesn't mean you have to act like one all the time when your still so young. I don't want to look back on my teen years and hate myself and regret that I hadn't done anything with all that freedom and excuses I had to do something that had no reason. The honest truth is once your considered "old", the things you can do when your a kid won't be accepted as normal anymore and not as fun.
So go out and protest. Go to a concert and eat all the stuff your health teacher tells you to stay away from. You really are only young once. A tip though, be smart, witty, and plan everything out. Be well versed in your protest....it pisses people off.

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