Letter I Never Sent

July 13, 2010
By blueberrybird2_8 SILVER, Chiang Mai, Other
blueberrybird2_8 SILVER, Chiang Mai, Other
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Dear Andrew,

You have always been there for me and I have always been there for you, you have been my best friend. But I can’t stop the feeling I have for you. I don’t know if you will return my feelings. When you are not with me I feel like… my life isn’t complete. Please tell me what you feel for me is real. I may never be able to give you this letter myself, but if you ever read this… please believe that this comes from my heart and if you do love me… I will give you my heart. But when I play your favorite song I’ll always think of you. Always.


The author's comments:
This piece was inspired by a guy friend of mine who I felt a deep connection to. This is kind about how I could confess how I feel to him.

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