Day 3

July 4, 2010
By Em-ily SILVER, Temecula, California
Em-ily SILVER, Temecula, California
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I sit here waiting for you. Hoping you'll show up. It's 9:04 and I've been sitting and waiting in this spot where
we've met before, for a half-hour now. I hear music pounding from homes that are "partying-it-up." It's loud enough
to hear over John Mayer, singing into my own ears.
It's cold. Where are you? I keep hearing sounds. I'm parinoide and scared. Hurry up, please? I said please... The
song I'm listening to is on repeat, just like the situation that I'm in. It's on repeat.
What's that?! Headlights?! Is that your car? Please stop at the corner and get out. Let me see... a stranger. No.
You're not the stranger. But the person who got out of the vehicle. Oh look. here's another car. I've made sure
that i won't be too excited if it's not you. Good thing. cause it wasn't you. False again.
Should I give up now. Give up and go home? It's cold out here, and I have no jacket. There's a slight breeze and I
don't like it. Where's that July heat wave that we get at night here in the valley?
Where are you? ...Forget it. I give up. I'm going home.
I hope you don't ask me if I'm mad... cause I am. You're smart enough to know that. You stood me up.. FINE!
...No. Not fine. I'm mad. Angry. I want to punch something. Scream. Cry. No! No more crying. You're not worth it.
Why did you do it to me then? Why did you break my heart? The real question is, why do I still care? Is it because
you do too? Maybe. Not the point. I need to calm down.
This sounds rediclious, but I'm counting rollie pollies to make me clam down.
My phone vibrates. Is it you calling me? No. of course not. It's my sister telling me to come home now. It's late.
Not really.. It's only 9: 13.
3 rollie pollies.
Phone vibrates.
Dad: "Come home please."
My thumbs are cold and numb. I hear chirps from the crickets over my music... "You roll outta bed and down on to
your knees and for a momment you can hardly breathe.."
7 rollie pollies and 3 houses away from my place.
oopsy. I think i stepped on a bug... sorry!
Cross the street. Up the driveway. past my dads girlfriends car. Takes out key. turn the lock. open the door. I'm
home. Safe.
Safe? I wish.

The author's comments:
What's this?! Ha. I don't know. Just jotting down my thoughts.. all of them.

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