lost in the river

June 12, 2010
the night befor it was raining like no other. the river was up and runing faster than normal my cousin was rased on the river. he never thought any thing of it so whin some of his friends asked him if he wanted to go flot the river he didnt have a worry in his head.so the drove out to the river and put the boat in. the water was a little faster thin they thought it was going to be. they still didnt mind it. one of his friends was a known drugy and had some pills on him so he gave some to my cousin. so whin the water started getting real bad my cousin was in no condition to do anything. the boat fliped overin the water and all three of thim were dumped in the river. my cousin had got out of the water once and help get the other two out but when he was doing that he fall back in. he was cared away a farmer that lived down ther road. seen him and tryed to help. saddly he was to latte my cousin had gone under water and didnt come back up. for about two weeks my family and i were looking up and down the river. we whent throw things we thought we would have to go to a differint country to see. we had O.H.P.(oklahoma highway patrol)out there on boats looking for him. the never found him. the other two people wer just fine. now every year on the day we lost him and his bierthday we go out to the brigeg that he was last seen at and we honer him the best we can. long live his spiret he well never be forgotin

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hickfromthesticks said...
Dec. 14, 2010 at 7:19 pm
I almost started crying when i read this! Your cousin seems like a really good kid who just got mixed up with something bad, my best to you and your family.
lovingher said...
Jul. 7, 2010 at 9:42 pm
come on people post me some comments
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