now she is gone

June 11, 2010
it was a long time ago when i first met her. we became friends and stared talking. we talked about everything. we stared dateing and we were togather for about two months and she had to move. i didnt whant to but we desited to break up. she was the first girl i ever loved. and about a week or so after she moved i didnt hear from her. i was starting to get sad like mady she already moved on or something. i walked over to my friends house to wait for the scholl bus like i did every day. and she had the news on and it was telling about how this girl had got hit by a drunk driver wail riding her bike.i didnt know why i was so drown to it .thin they showed a picher of the girl and it was her. my hart stop. i didnt want to beleave it. it was saying that they whad to pull the pug. she didnt have a chans i whent to the funneral home to see that it was true. it was i sat there talking to her mom and dad. that was one of the saddest days i have every had

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