June 16, 2010
By Sonya18 BRONZE, Waldorf, Maryland
Sonya18 BRONZE, Waldorf, Maryland
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Here there was an eleven month old boy by the name of Ke’Shawn. He was nice, sweet, and loving to every one he met. Ke’Shawn was one of the sweetest little boys you could ever meet in the whole world. But God had to take him away from me. Ke’Shawn died in a car crash. Travis, Ke’Shawn’s father, was on the way back home to Gary, Indiana. They wanted to come and see me and Sandra, his mother; but I was in Little Rock, Arkansas for the school semester. And Sandra was in Norfolk, Virginia. When I found out the tragic news that he had died, air was taken from me in an instant. I melted on to the floor in terror.

How could you, God, take an innocent child away from the people that loved him? He meant everything to me; he was my sunshine, my happiness, my love, my world. But now he is gone never to return. Never to be seen or heard or felt again. How will he know how a hug feels, or a tickle, any more? Ke’Shawn was getting ready to turn one year old in five months. He had a future, he could have been a doctor, a basketball player. He could have been any thing he wanted. He Could Have. But not now, there is not future for Ke’Shawn. So God came, like a thief in the night, and took him. Like the devil you took him with no remorse.

If you are supposed to be God, the Lord of love and joyfulness, how could you do something so evil, so conniving to his family . . . to me? God, you are supposed to give, give and give and not take. We are good people you are supposed to help and heal, not take and break. God, you took a life that was precious to me. No one, Nobody can or will take his place. There shall be a hole in my chest for evermore. Ke’Shawn was my Godson, the Angel in my life. Now there is this depressed and confused Godmother with no way to go and no way out of her misery.

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