Baseball Days

June 14, 2010
By Scoobymeg BRONZE, Gouldsboro, Pennsylvania
Scoobymeg BRONZE, Gouldsboro, Pennsylvania
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I treasure these moments. Sitting here on a warm sunny evening, my skin sticking to the old, familiar brown leather couches. I loves these hours we spend. Just you and me. I love constantly asking you questions about the Smokers Quit Line Challenge. I find it hilarious when you scream at dumb number 21 for making an error, you yell as if he is your son, and he can hear you. This seems good for you to. You’d rather be here then anywhere, at least that’s the vibe I get. When my favorite player gets up to bat you say “ Come on Meg, your boy Swisher is up!” of course he strikes out.
“He’ll hit a home run next time” I say. Sure enough he does. We laugh, and I make some smart ass remark. The Yankees win, they beat the Astros. I love these moments, we’re happy. I feel so close to you. To bad tomorrow is an off day. I’ll really miss you tomorrow Dad.

Those summer months were great. Thanks for the stuff you taught me. I’ll talk to you later, maybe you’ll rent a movie. For now though, I’ll go take a long shower and cry. I’m psyched the Yankees won the World Series, but I’m sad our hours are over. See you next year Dad

The author's comments:
I feel like this every year. So next time you take it to heart and the Yankees don't get into the World Series, don't forget about people like me, who lose a father in the process.

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