Puerto Vallarta

June 7, 2010
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I wake up and I feel the indiscreet sweat on my skin early in the morning. The hot sticky weather is making me sweat. The bright vivacious light coming from the elegant big window wakes me up; it is barely seven in the morning, but the sun is so bright and strong that I can’t fall asleep anymore. I can taste the dryness of my mouth, so I wake up and get a drink of water.

I see my mother coming from downstairs calling my brothers' names and my name also. A lot of people walking around makes me want to go down there and refresh myself in the beach. This is the nicest pure weather I’ve ever been around in my life; the water is so blue as the sky and crystalline clear. You can see though it so easily. It’s cleaner than ever.

My mom opens the door, and happily tells me to dress up my brother, and to get ready to go eat, so that after that we can go enjoy the shinny and shimmer sun outside. The feeling I get every time we go to that transparently pretty beach is huge. I feel so glad as soon as my barefoot touches the hot fine sand on the ground and prove to me I am in the right place. This same day after I put my body in the warm water coming from the ocean, as if the water is being warmed by something in the middle of the sea, I come out with no problem, I know the wind isn’t going to hit me with a cold breeze, I have the confidence in the bright strong rays the sun gives, that is going to take any cold away soon.

Everything is just so colorful and joyful around us, people outfits and dresses with light colored flowers on them. Warm Decorations on the streets demonstrate a lot of culture and creates an inviting atmosphere. Blue water shines like crystal to my eyes during the day. Perfumed green palm trees on every corner. Everything has life and gives harmony with the colors of the culture to everyone's eyes. This combines together with the music playing all around the place, and DJ's playing inside places playing different kinds of music. Mariachis singing loudly to people eating outside and enjoying a cold and refreshing drink right next to the beach, surrounded by a lot of rustic styled chairs and furniture. You can hear the smooth sounds of the violin and the guitar more than their voices.

When we are out there, the smell of fish and seawater travels through my nose, it makes me realize once again how happy I feel to be here, and how much I enjoy being here, Spending time with my family in this great paradise.

When the sun finally decides to take its brake, at about seven or eight at night, it starts to get dark. But now the moonlight is there. It lights the whole city. It does a little, not a lot. But it still does with its beautiful white, bright light and sharing it with all of us without making an exception on anyone.

The city isn’t quiet yet, it is awake and there is noise as if it was whispering to my ears to wake me up. At this time there are even more people walking on the streets than during the day. People with happy moods on their face, music paying at all times, kids playing around as if it was still daytime, and people eating outside all over the place. My family and I can still hear lots of noises even after four in the morning, but then we fell asleep. We go to sleep because we do not want to miss the mariachi playing for breakfast time tomorrow morning. That music being played by mariachis while we eat and enjoy the benefit nature gives us. Which brings memories to much people, remarks culture, and its beautiful traditions being followed by its people.

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