Sick Day

May 24, 2010
I had not done almost any assignments leading up to the second party I had to do something. The night before the party I came up with a plan I was going to fake sick. I was nervous and it was a long shot but its what I had to do. I wish I could go back and realize what I was doing was pointless.

To begin with, I understand why you would be confused right know what party why fake sick so let me take you to the beginning. I was in fourth grade our teacher had a party twice a year. To be in this party you had to have under ten yellow slips. You where given a yellow slip for being bad or in my case not completing assignments. So why fake sick to stay home why not just miss the party at school. Simply because if you missed the party everyone hated you. In the first party one kid missed it after that nobody liked him. I had that in my mind as I woke up that morning.

I told my step mom I felt a little weird that morning and she told me if I felt really bad at school I could come home. I didn't want to fake immediately because I felt really really bad for even trying. I got to school and told the teacher I felt a little sick. She smiled which was odd maybe she knew I was faking. Thats when the time came just before lunch just before the party. I came up to her desk and said I feel really sick she said “Grady you have 9 yellow slips not ten”. I was so excited I told her I could make it through the day but little did I know that it would not end there.

I went out to lunch to play kickball. I was playing up close when the best player Corey came up he was about five and a half feet tall and 175 pounds. He kicked the ball which had a lot of force and it hit me in the nose. I fell to the ground and walked to the nurses office because my nose would not stop bleeding. I missed the 4th grade party. It was not as bad as I thought though nobody hated me afterward it was just normal but I did learn one thing don’t fake sick.

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