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May 31, 2010
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1993, the year I was born. Because my family doesn’t celebrate Halloween for religious purposes, whenever the day came around we just post a note on the door that says “NO CANDY HERE”.
Justin J.

When I was about four or five years old he kissed me on the lips in nursery school. He was my first boyfriend. I used to call him on the phone all the time. One day I called and he said he didn’t want to talk to me because he was eating dinner. So you know what I did? I broke it off right then and there. Ain't no boy gonna choose me over dinner.

Coming home after school to watch zoom was the highlight of my day. I would come home, get a snack and go upstairs to watch it. I always tried the science experiments. Sometimes they worked and sometimes they didn’t.
The Puzzle Place

I had the biggest crush on Skye. I didn’t care if he was a puppet or not.

Tweety bird

For a very long time I thought tweety was a girl. My room was filled up with tweety sheets, stuffed animals, and pillows. You name it, I had it. It wasn’t until I meet my next-door neighbor’s grand-daughter (who ended up being one of my best friends) who lives I California had a room to herself in my neighbor’s house. Her room was right across from mine. We could see each other through the window. And do you know that this girl was the exact mirror image of my room but with Sweety (the girl version of tweety). It was scary but so cool at the same time.

Blue’s Clues


Angelica is soooo annoying I just wanna punch her. By the way…why doesn’t tommy’s parents know he has a screw driver in his diaper?
Diva Starz

I loved those dolls. They had really big heads and feet but they had really skinny bodies. It was so unproportional.

I was in love with them, Especially JC Chase while everyone was obsessed with Justin Timberlake.
My creativity

My mom has inspired me to be so creative. When I was about two years old I made up a song for my mom. The words went like this; “my mommy, me mommy, SUPER mommy SUPER mommy”. All throughout my time at elementary school my mom and I made up nicknames for my teachers. First grade: Mrs. Graham= Mrs. Graham Cracker, Second grade: Mrs.Kivlen= Mrs. Kibbles and Bits, Third grade: Mrs.Tana= Mrs.Tuna Fish, fourth grade: Mrs. Donaldson-Berry= Mrs. McDonald, and finally fifth grade: Mrs.Jones= Mrs. Jonesy on the AM.

When I was four my mom was pregnant with my little brother. I guess because I thought I wasn’t getting enough attention I decided that I was pregnant also. So whenever my mom went for her checkups at the doctors, there I was getting checked up on too. I even made her draw that black line down the center of my stomach that women usually get when they are pregnant. But one day I asked the doctor “how will the baby come out of me?” the doctors reply was “we will have to cut it out of you”, from then on I decided I wasn’t pregnant anymore.
Mrs. Kivlen

Second grade was very fun for me. Mrs. Kivlen was my favorite teacher ever. For some reason Mrs. Kivlen stopped coming to school for a while. We later found out that her son died tragically. She eventually returned but had a hard time getting the students to listen to her. She was already under so much stress because of her son and now she can’t control these rowdy kids. So she went over to her desk sat down and began to cry. This made me very angry. So I stood up on the desk and began to yell at them about how rude and disrespectful they were being. And when everyone looked over and saw our teacher crying you could tell that they felt guilty. Second grade I became a hero.

First Grade
First grade was every confusing for me. I was the transition from naps, watching Barney during snack time, and learning our ABC’s and 123’s among other things. Now we actually had to use that letter s and turn them into words, and sentences, and the numbers into math problems. In football and basketball slapping each other’s butts isn’t bad or weird; it’s a sign of friendship or sportsmanship. Well the same goes for my family. So one day this girl and I were playing and I slapped her butt. I never thought of it as being sexual or weird. So she told on me and I was put on time out. I was so confused I didn’t think I did anything wrong. But I sure learned my lesson.
Aunty Courtney

Third grade I became an aunty. The thought of it was so weird. My brother was in so much trouble because he was still in high school. I didn’t know whether to be excited or not. Eventually I was very excited and was the envy of all my friends. This was when I had my first watered down “talk”. While they were talking to me I was thinking in my head: “I wonder if it’s a boy or a girl? I wonder what its name will be. Ooh ooh maybe Brian will let me name it.” Having babies, how babies are made and boys that I wanna makes babies with weren’t even the slightest bit on my mind. Yet….


When I was younger I had an obsession with Barney. I had possibly every Barney VHS tape ever made. I used to watch Barney so much that my parents had to buy me my own TV with a VHS tape player in there. For my 2nd birthday my parents got Barney and Baby-Bop to come to my party. As soon as they came in all the children including me began to scream and cry. No matter how much they tried to comfort us we were still scared. It wasn’t until the party was almost over we began warm up to them. By the end of the night we didn’t want them to leave.
Ting Ting

Because I was born into a Jamaican household everyone one speaks patois. Patois is pronounced (patwa) and patois is is broken English. One day when I was about 3 years old I was eating ice cream but I had to pause and go do something. So when I left and came back my ice cream was gone. When I saw my empty bowl I cried out “a hu nyam out mi ting ting”. Everyone began to laugh because the proper way to say it in Patois is “ah who nyam out mi sinting” and translated into English it is “who ate my stuff”. My mom dad and brothers were still laughing but I was serious waiting for my ice cream to be replenished. When my older brother couldn’t take it anymore he confessed and got me some more ice cream.

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