May 25, 2010
Grandparents are people that will care for you if you get sick and they are someone that will always love you no matter what you choose to do in life. Grandparents they care for your health and will alway love you. Thats my dentition of what a grandparent should be.

My grandma is exactly like that, she’s kind and loving and loves to be out doors. Grandparents are the heart and soul of most households. I remember one time just this year when my grandpa shot one of the biggest elk I have ever seen, my grandma was a very dedicated to her husband when he shot that elk because when we had to dress the animal she sat through the whole thing the reason I think she stayed and didn't throw up is because she has been exposed to that kind of stuff her whole life. I just remember my 70 year old grandma hiking four miles to where my grandpa shot the animal. She was complaining a lot but she made to the animal and when she got there she was very happy to be with the family. That takes some discipline even if your my age because it was cold up there in the Uintah’s the snow was coming down and the walk was all up hill.
I was so impressed by this because it shows how hard someone will work to make someone else happy.

The reason that she earned my respect is because ever since I was little both of my grand parents will always be with me and never give up. When you look for a role model you want someone who is kind loving and full of personality. That is something that I look for in anyone, not just an elder.

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