Summer Adventures

May 27, 2010
By , Clarkston, MI
Waiting. The minutes go by but yet I’m still waiting. My fishing pole in hand as I sit eagerly on the edge of my seat waiting for the fish to bite. The lake is quiet and the sun blazes heat at me from high above. Sitting in the boat I am full of doubt and almost ready to quit. Then out of no where my pole starts bending like crazy. I was so excited and frozen with shock. Then realization hit and I started reeling up as fast as I could. As I jerked the pole here and there, I finally finished with a victory of a emerald green fish.
Another time on a sunny hot day, I decided to hang out at the beach and go kayaking. Pulling the kayak into the water, I shivered as a cold wave smacked me on the leg. As the kayak bobbed up and down, I paddled to my favorite rock, deep in the cold, wavy, pale blue water. Standing on the rock and diving in the water, I always know that I’ll have a great time.
Adventures like these are what make children and young adults eager and excited to have fun. These moments don’t have to be grand, spectacular or marvelous, but just simple and unpredictable. Adventures are something you will always remember because they are very special in their own way. Just like others, I look forward to summer adventures, which can happen anywhere.

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