Always There For Me

May 27, 2010
By , davisburg, MI
I wiped sand out of my eyes as a big wave crashed on shore. The dark gray clouds began sprinkling rain, he wind blowing freezing droplets from the north. You reached out and covered your notebook and put your textbook in your bag just in case. A paper got loose from your folder and blew down the beach. I silently laughed as you got up and chased after it, over the sand dune and almost into the water. You turned around smiling, and I knew we would show my mom and your mom how stupidly determined we were.

The rain progressively begins coming down harder, and you check your phone. Eight more minutes and we can go back inside and enjoy a hot cup of cocoa. I dropped my pencil and dug through the sand to get it. We both give up on finishing our homework and just sit there talking and waiting.

We both walk in the door soaking wet and cold and my mom is the first to respond. “So, I was right. You chickened out of doing your homework on the beach.” My mom says.

No way! I said we would go down to the beach for fifteen minutes, and that is what we said we were gonna do.” I tell her.

It was true, walking down to the beach at the end of October and just sitting there is a sure sign of dumbness. But we both suffered through it, and that is why you are my friend, Breanna, because you listen to my stupid ideas like the kind of person who is always there for me.

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