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May 26, 2010
By cougar21 BRONZE, Park City, Utah
cougar21 BRONZE, Park City, Utah
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When I am 28 years old I am going to be a major league baseball player. And I will play for the New York Yankees. I will be the starting catcher and I will be the greatest at my position. Everybody will know me and I will be the biggest star that the sports world has ever seen. My number will be 21, the same number my three brothers and I all wear. All of this would be the best thing that could ever happen to me, and I hope it does, all I have to do is work hard to be successful. I can’t wait to grow up; I just hope my future turns out how I dream of it.

First off I will have a huge mansion and there will be huge rooms. I am going to move to Texas. And play baseball. I will have rooms, theatre and an awesome hang out spot for me and my pals to hang. My house will be the ultimate party house. Everybody will want to be friends with me and I will be friends with everybody. I am going to play baseball and be good at it. All I have to do is try hard and be myself. And for whatever I accomplish I am going someone accomplish something.

Next if I want this to be my future life I am going to have to do well in school. And that means get strait A’s and always be on top of my school work. I will also have to be a good person and not get cocky and have a good attitude and be nice. And last I will have to accomplish or try to accomplish my goals of being a pro baseball player. And to do that I will have to do all of these things just to try and get a D1 college scholarship just to play ball. But if I really focus and try hard to succeed and get what I want and get what I deserve.

When I grow up I will work hard so that I can accomplish what my future is going to be. In life you only get one chance and with that one chance you can do anything you want to do. But to get what you want you have to work hard and be determined to what you want to be and what you want to do. All of my goals in life are going to be pretty challenging. But I can do it, all I got to do is try and keep working hard so I can be successful.

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