A Family Photo

May 26, 2010
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It was a cool crisp Saturday evening. My brothers were visiting and my mom had just called us down to take a picture.

“Boooyyyss!” she called. We –all 4 of us- rushed out my room to my mothers summoning, almost crushing cat under our heels. He looked at us with a face that said Hey- watch it! I’ll BITE!! “Picture” mom said holding up a camera. Ugh, so typical.

We arrange ourselves next to dad. “No you move over there- Alec, come over this way” Dad fussed. When the picture was taken, everyone in the house yelled: Funny Photo! I can’t believe these people, Mewed cat.
I immediately put my youngest and eldest brother in a head lock, Brendan kept his distance. “You’re causing me to salivate on Darren!” Josh cried. Ah well, Josh might be older, but he knew he had to respect me. They all knew and had felt my wrath. I recalled a memory of destroying Brendan for stealing something. I couldn’t remember what though.
Then there was the fact that 10x bigger and smarter then most of them. They practically bow out of respect when I enter the same room as them. I sometimes see myself as their leader, someone they can look up to and aspire to be.
Suddenly it occurred to me, where would I be without these numbskulls? Don’t get me wrong, me and them have had love and hate moments, but it was all laughs. We really did love each other. We knew that we never meant to hurt each other. If anything, did they teach me to be a brother.
The camera flashed.
Everyone is laughing. Everyone is dying to see the pictures.

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