Heber Trip 2010

May 21, 2010
By vwestcott1 BRONZE, Monticello, Utah
vwestcott1 BRONZE, Monticello, Utah
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During the few phenomenal months of winter my dad and I enjoy being able to go snowmobiling together. I love the feeling of the cool crisp wind running down your coat as you prepare for this wonderful day about to approach you. As you probably figured it takes snow to go snowmobiling, and as far as I know vehicles to get you where you snowmobile do not like to travel through the snow very easily.

Every year we usually go on at least 10 snowmobile rides, but this year was a little different. This year we got more snow than we have in over 25 years. With the result of that we had to labor very hard to clear roofs, driveways, roads, etc. As we worked very hard each time it snowed the weekends we could go snowmobiling became less and less.

For over seven months we had a trip planned to go up near Heber City, Utah to rent a cabin and snowmobile in the nearby mountains. The week we were finally down to going it decided it was going to snow again. So my dad being the well prepared man he was decided many things needed done before we left, along with getting our equipment and sleds ready to go. I thought he was out of his mind since other members of our group had left by eight a.m.

When Seven o’clock finally rolled up we were ready to depart on our way. Close to an hour out on our trip my dad realized he had forgotten something. 2 hours later we were back to that spot feeling we made descent time. By now it’s past nine o’clock, since this drive is roughly four hours we figured being an hour out we would make it great by midnight. Snow began to fall very heavily as we continued driving.

By one- thirty that morning we were one last hour out of Heber City. Neither my dad nor I had eaten in over six hours, so we decided to get a little food at iHop. Just when two rolls around we were back on the road. We rolled into good ol’ Heber and were very, very grateful. But we still had to go drop off the snowmobile trailer up by the cabin then go to the cabin. Four in the morning my dad and I walked into that cabin feeling like supermen.

The next three days we were snowmobiling all of the fresh snow was well worth the hassle. I am glad to have a dad that just keeps going strong and tries really hard so that we can have the opportunity to do fun activities like this. The 2010 winter Heber trip will be in my heart and mind forever.

The author's comments:
I am very grateful for my dad that tries so hard so we are able to do fun things like this.

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