May 20, 2010
Dexter, nice quiet place.
The place she grew up
as peaceful as a dove.
The place where all her
memories were made.
Neighbors as nice as can
be. Well except her brother
who acts as if he has fire
under his butt. Her sister acts
as she thinks she's all cool
whoops! I hear as she falls to the
ground. I rush over to help her.
Her dad mowing the lawn he looks
over and acts like he doesn't notice
but I can see his friendly chuckle
that lights up like a light bulb in the complete darkness. I kind of laugh to but try to hold back while I'm next to my sister. Splash! ahhhhh I hear as I look over toward my brother who fell into the
dark blue pool. I try to help him up but he pulls me into the pool to, I can't hold back my scream and then I start to laugh. All my
sister does is just fall on the ground and laugh. Dexter the place where all the laughs started, and ended.

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