Fairy Tale

May 18, 2010
By Katty412 BRONZE, Brandon, Florida
Katty412 BRONZE, Brandon, Florida
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Everyday I think about the life we could have. I think about the memories we have so far. I think about the future we could have. We could have a family of our own, a house of our own,and our own memories. I know that we can not run away, because our parents would kill us. They put their own memories in our heads. They wan't us to forget our feelings for each other, and our memories. I remember when we were little and you ask me to marry you when we were only five. I wish we can run away to get marry. You promise to me that one day you will tell your parents about us. They know about us, but they don't know the true feelings we have for each other. Every night I go to bed thinking of our life and what it can be. You promised that our life will be like a fairy tale. I wish everyday for the fairy tale and happy ever after. But, until that day comes i will wait and wish for us to be together.

The End!

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