And I Thank God

May 17, 2010
By Libby_Kuszajewski BRONZE, Chandler, Arizona
Libby_Kuszajewski BRONZE, Chandler, Arizona
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As I walked through my front door, I couldn’t imagine any other place that I would rather be at this moment. My whole body my was completely exhausted, not to mention my mind felt as if my brain had just walked right out of my head. Last night I didn’t get any sleep at all since my dad seems to think I enjoy sweating excessive amounts in my sleep; he’s beyond wrong. I tossed my backpack to the side making all my papers stumble out all over the floor. Knowing that my dad would be furious when he came home, I shrugged my shoulders stumbling onwards headed for the couch, which at this very second seemed like heaven right before my eyes. I leaped onto the sofa, closing my eyes at the very instant my body settled on the surface, and before I had even knew it I was crashed out into a deep sleep.

I woke up what seem like days later, but was really only 2 hours since I glanced at the clock proving that it was only six twenty-three. I moved my tangled hair out of my face sitting back for a second to get my thoughts together since I was still dazed from waking up only seconds ago. I grabbed the remote turning on the television to break the silence that built up in the empty house. “Where in the world is my dad at?” I thought out loud.

He usually arrived home around five thirty, but again I shrugged my shoulders thinking that he probably stopped at the store or had some extra paperwork to do or something of that sort. I slowly but surely made my way off the couch towards the fridge since the sounds of my stomach begin to over power all the noise coming from the television. “Of course, nothing to eat. Maybe dad will bring something home. Hmmph,” I uttered allowed as I reached for a half filled water bottle untwisting the cap and placing the chilled rim to my lips, gulping down the liquid.

In the mist of drinking my refreshment, the phone blurted out in it’s obnoxious ringing. I figured that it was without a doubt my mom or dad calling me to tell me they are on their way home. “Hey mom,” I said questionably.

After a few seconds she responded in a stern voice, “Libby, what are you doing? Where are you?”
“Mom I’m downstairs watching t.v. I just woke up from a nap not more than five minutes ago. Why? What’s wrong?” I could tell there was something going on that I didn’t know about.
She sighed. “Libby something happened to your sister,” another long sigh came from her.
“What?! What happened? Is she okay? What’s going on? Why won’t you tell me what’s going on? Where’s dad at?” The questions just get trembling off my lips.
“Libby calm down. Everything is okay, she is completely fine don’t worry. She just got into a car crash on her way to the game and dad is meeting her at the hospital.”

My mind was blank. No thoughts were processing. I was trying to think of something to say, but I didn’t know what. Obviously my sister was alive and doing okay so I was guessing. “Where are you? When will you be home?” My house begin to feel as if it expanded triple it’s size leaving my completely alone with no where to turn completely clueless.

“I’m on my way to see her car now, I will be home in about 30 minutes. If you need anything call me. Bye I love you.” The phone went silent.

I ran up the stairs swiftly heading right for my room. Once I got up there, I had no idea why I came here. I looked around my room trying to remember what I needed, if there was even a reason. My mind was still overwhelmed with the news even though I knew she was okay, I was acting as if I was never going to see her again. I laid down back on my bed closing my eyes trying to sort out my mind. When I closed them, old memories from when I was younger begin to replay in mind of my sister and I when we actually used to be able to stand each other. I thought about how we used to sneak into the kitchen late at night making food to eat while we watched Blind Date on t.v. feeling like such rebels because we both knew it was far past our bedtime and yet we were still awake. After I went through all the better times in the past years together, the worse memories came into play bringing tears to the rim of my eyes that soon poured over the edges running down my cheeks one after another. “I’m sorry.”

I knew she couldn’t hear me, but I kept repeating that same phrase over and over again as if she was laying down right next to me in my bed. I couldn’t stop but thinking what could have happened to her, the fact that my one and only sister I will ever had could have been seriously hurt or even killed without me being able to apologizing or even saying goodbye. I tilted my head back as I cleared my eyes from the tears that were till pouring from them. I glared at my ceiling at once. I began to pray thanking god for letting my sister live and most importantly opening my eyes to how I would have felt if I was not given the chance to say goodbye to my sister. I thanked him what must have been a million times, but still didn’t feel like enough, for showing me that I do love my sister even when I feel like never seeing her again and screaming the three words I hate most right at her face, “I hate you.”

My mom walked in on me, and without any hesitation she ran to my side grabbing me in her arms. “Libby everything is just fine. She just has a couple scraps and bruises, but she will be back to normal in no time. Let’s go to the hospital.”
“O-okay.” I responded as the last of my tears dripped down my face. The drive there was completely quite because my mom could tell by my body language that I was in no mood for any talking. Within minutes we arrived at Banner Hospital where I saw my dad standing right before the Emergency Room entrance. As my mom eased on the breaks and I quickly ripped the seat belt off my chest immediately opening the car door to jump out. “Where is she dad?!”

My dad grabbed my hand without answering my question. He led me through the doors of the entrance and right on down halls making several lefts and rights before we were standing motionlessly in front of a pale yellow curtain. I took slow steps towards the curtains and once I got close enough, I gripped them with my right hand and begin to slid them to the right of me. At first I was worried at what my sister was going to look like, but as soon as her faced peered through the curtains all my emotions headed in the opposite direction as I bursted out in a loud laugh. My sister was a bit bloody as she sat there in the hospital gown making the strangest face at me along with her hair sticking out in every possible direction, it was hard not too laugh. “Paulina?”
“Hey there Lib. What’s uh goin’ on?”
“I’m good. Hey you feelin’? You look like the just dragged you from an insane asylum.” I couldn’t help but laugh at my own joke. She looked around a little, gave me a creepy smile and replied with, “Ya know, I’m doin’ just fine”

She was definitely drugged up, I wanted to hug and squeeze her tight but I knew she wasn’t on enough drugs to stop her from slapping my in the head. All my worries from them went away. I walked to the chair sitting at the end of her bed as my dad been to question her on what happened, you can bet he was more than mad but my sister and parents having their little bickering wars was nothing knew. I placed my head against the wall and once again, thanked god for everything I had because without all the little things in my life, what they all put together to create my life wouldn’t be the same if I was missing even the smallest of piece.

The author's comments:
Although this was for an English assignment, it made helped me to go back in my mind and relive this moment that opened my eyes forever.

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